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ITS SMS Price and Packages

Its Sms company provide plan and packages of sms and Digital marketing services.ITS SMS have an High Priority Premium bulk sms based of otp and other.

Transactional Sms OTP Based Very High and 100% Delivered Root

Package Validity Unit Rupees Payment Option
1,00,000 SMS One Year 0.15 paise 0.13 paisa Rs.15,000/- Rs.13,000/- +G.S.T. Order
50,000 SMS Six Month 0.16 paise 0.14 paisa Rs.8,000/- Rs.7,000/- +G.S.T. Order
25,000 SMS six Month 0.18 paise 0.16 paisa Rs.4,500/- Rs.4,000/- +G.S.T. Order
10,000 SMS six Month 0.22 paise 0.20 paisa Rs.22,00/- Rs.2,000/- +G.S.T. Order

Digital Marketing Services Package

Package Validity Rupees Payment Option
Socail Media Marketing 3 Month Rs.24,000/- Rs.15,000/- +G.S.T. Order
Search Engine Marketing 2 Month Rs.30,000/- Rs.15,000/- +G.S.T. Order
Google Business Post 3 Month Rs.24,000/- Rs.15, 000/- +G.S.T. Order
Google Ads / Pay per Click - Rs.5,000/- +G.S.T. setup fee Order
Video Production - Rs.2,00/- Rs.15, 00/- +G.S.T. Order